Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my bill matches my meter reading?
The City of Irving bills customers for each 1000 gallons of water used. When viewing your meter, look at the part of the register (resembles a clock) which has rotating numbers. Each customer is billed according to the amount found on the white background with black numbers (left side). Write this number down and compare it with your bill. Contact the Customer Service Division at (972) 721-2411 for water rates and service fees.


City crews were working on a water line repair on my street.  Will it affect my bill?
If a repair is made on the water main or service line prior to the meter then there is no impact on customer usage. Water must pass through the meter before it will register and be billed.

Why do I have milky colored water coming out of my faucet?
This is caused by air being introduced into the system through pumping or a recent repair. If you fill a container and it looks white, let it settle for a while and it will clear up as the bubbles rise. The water is safe to use and will return to normal over a short period of time. If this condition is noted, contact the City of Irving Water Utilities Department and a technician will flush the area surrounding your residence or business.

My water was off due to a water main break or private repair and now I hear noise in my water line and air is coming from my faucet after I turn the water on?
Sometimes air enters the water line when a repair is made.  If you have air in your water line, turn on all faucets inside and let the water run for at least five minutes.  Flushing toilets while the water is on will also help push the air out of the line. 

Why do I have low pressure in my house?
Experiencing low pressure in just one location within your home indicates a restriction at that particular water outlet. This is generally caused by the screen becoming blocked with the natural minerals found in the water. Removing, cleaning and or replacing the screen should alleviate the problem. Some older homes may still have corroded galvanized pipes (smaller opening), which over time will cause a reduction of flow and pressure.  If there is low pressure throughout the residence, contact the Water Utilities Department to have pressure and flow tests completed at the meter location by a technician.

I have had a new meter installed, and my bill has increased. Can I have my meter tested?
The City of Irving Water Utilities Department replaces water meters after a specific amount of time and use as part of the meter replacement program. Every meter becomes worn and fails to keep an accurate measure of water used over time. When a new meter is installed, it will register water passing through it more accurately. The city can test the new meter, however, there is a fee. A meter test can be requested through the Customer Service Division of the Financial Services Department at (972) 721-2411.


Why am I always encouraged to conserve water when Water Utilities uses up water flushing fire hydrants?
State and Federal governing agencies require the city to flush all dead end water main lines monthly. This is to maintain good water quality. Water Utilities also flushes fire hydrants that are not on a dead end water main. Flushing a fire hydrant circulates the water and brings fresh water to neighborhoods. This flushing ensures a superior quality water arrives at each house and business.


Who is responsible for painting the fire hydrants?
The City of Irving currently employs a contractor to paint public fire hydrants. The four-year contract divides public fire hydrants into four sections. One section is painted each year on a four-year rotating cycle.  Private fire hydrant maintenance is the responsibility of the owner of each fire hydrant.

The city made a repair in front of my house and left a pile of dirt behind. When will it be cleaned up?
Most jobsites are restored within seven to ten business days. Occasionally, this time frame is extended, depending on the workload.

The city made a repair at my house and the concrete sidewalk (or street, or driveway) was removed. When will this be fixed?
The Streets Services Division takes care of concrete replacement for Water Utilities. Streets Services usually allows six to ten weeks for the excavated area to settle so when concrete is poured, it will not settle and crack. Contact Streets Services for further information at (972) 721-2201.


What about repairs on my grass/landscaping/irrigation system?
When construction or repair work affects privately owned turf or irrigation systems, it is a work practice of Water Utilities to restore the affected area.  In such cases, the property will be restored to a condition as similar to the original condition as possible.

Grass is replaced only after all clean-up and follow-up work has been completed. This includes the replacement of concrete and any other repair required. Since grass is a seasonal commodity, in winter months it is prudent to wait for the growing season to come before grass is planted. When the grass is planted, city employees water it once and then it is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep it watered properly until it begins growing.

Private landscaping in a city easement is typically replaced as a courtesy to the citizens. Landscaping is done as needed. While trees removed from the easement are generally not replaced, other landscaping may be replaced. Water Utilities personnel may be involved with replacement work or the city’s landscape contractor may be assigned to complete the work. 


Irrigation repairs are usually completed by the on-site maintenance/repair crew. In most instances, city personnel find it helpful to meet with the homeowner to determine where any damage is and to make sure repairs are done properly. When problems arise outside the scope of work handled by city staff, Water Utilities contacts an irrigation company that is on contract to make repairs at no cost to the homeowner.

sprinkler repair

If there is a problem with a pipe under my driveway when do I need to move my car?
Every effort will be made to notify residents of work being done so that major inconveniences can be avoided. 


There was a water break and the water was shut off in my area. Why wasn't I notified?
The city typically leaves the break running and notifies residents and businesses that will be affected.  At times, the break is causing damage to property or other utilities, so it has to be shut off prior to notifying all affected parties.    

My water is off and I need it on.
Water Utilities is not authorized to cut water back on after cut-off for non payment nor to set up new service. This will need to be taken care of through the Customer Service Division in the Financial Services Department during regular working hours (972) 721-2411.

How long will it take to clean the sewer line with the big trucks?
Normally, it takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours for this preventive maintenance.  However, all jobs are different. If the job is a stoppage, it sometimes takes several hours and requires the main to be dug up and repaired.  Usually, the time required is less than two hours.

Rod TruckVac TruckWash Truck

The plumber said the stoppage is on the city side.  Will the city fix it?
Yes, the city will fix the problem, if you have a receipt or other acceptable proof that you had a plumber out to work on your line.  The city will first check to make sure the plumber was correct.  If the problem is the responsibility of the city it will be fixed.

Some drains and toilets work and others do not, what should I do?
If a toilet works, but you cannot take a shower because the water does not drain or if the washing machine will not drain and the toilet and sink work properly, the problem is most likely under the residence or business and a professional will need to be called.

I have sewage backing up in my house, what should I do?
If you have sewage backing up into your house, call Water Utilities Department and we will send a crew out.  This is not the same as flushing the toilet and having it overflow.  Sewage backing up into your house means just that.  You are not running water, washing clothes or flushing a toilet yet sewage is coming into your house through the drains.  In this situation, city staff will evaluate the problem and determine how it should be resolved.

Is water with chlorine in it safe to drink?
Yes, many tests have shown that the amount of chlorine found in treated water is safe to drink, although some people object to the taste.

How hard is Irving's water?
Irving water is surface water and it is moderately hard. The hardness represents the total concentration of calcium and magnesium ions, reported as calcium carbonate. The average hardness for the City of Irving is 135mg/L or 7.89 grains.

Is the fluoride in my drinking water safe?
Yes, when added or naturally present in the correct amounts, fluoride in drinking water has improved the dental health of America.

Is it okay to use hot water from the tap for cooking?
No, use cold water. Hot water is more likely to contain rust, copper, lead from your household plumbing and water heater because these contaminants generally dissolve into hot water from he plumbing than into cold water. Do not use hot water from the tap to make baby formula.