Swim Classes and Programs

Children Swimming
Learn great skills to get ready for trips to the beach or a day on the water at a lake. Irving has easy access to neighborhood pools and welcoming aquatics staff. Fun for the whole family, learning to swim is an investment in life that lasts a lifetime.

For more information, class session dates and times, visit SoggyZoggy.com or call (972) 721-7310. 
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  • Mom and Tot – A great way to begin a lifetime of swimming. Parent and child work together in the water on foundation water skills.
  • PreK – Designed for 3- and 4-year-olds and is limited to four students for extra attention.
  • Learn to Swim (LTS) Level 1 – New swimmers, ages 4-6, learn to go under the water and learn basic water safety skills. 
  • LTS Level 2 – Beginner students, ages 5-7, learn how to swim horizontal in the water and learn to breathe while swimming. Perfect for dog paddlers. 
  • LTS Level 3 – Learn to turn head to breath and swim 3 yards independently, ages 7 and older with previous lessons. Designed for a child that can raise his/her head up out of the water while swimming.
  • LTS Level 4 – For advanced swimmers who want to learn different swimming strokes.
  • Adult Classes – It’s never too late to learn to swim, and no better time than now. Adult swim classes are for ages 14 and older. 
  • Special Needs – While not a swimming lesson, this program allows opportunities for children with special challenges to experience guided movement and exercise in a new environment.
  • Private Lessons – To accelerate learning or just want to work on a particular skill, create a custom class.
  • Water Aerobics – This class is a way to begin or add some variety to an exercise program. Water aerobics can be ideal for a low-impact exercise or recovering from an injury.