ICTN Movie of the Week

Tune in for a classic movie that the whole family can enjoy.


Flying Deuces - 1939 - (1:07:45) 

– After hurriedly joining the French Foreign Legion to help Ollie forget a lost love, the boys quickly realize military life is not for them. After setting fire to a pile of unfinished laundry they were ordered to clean, they give a nasty resignation notice to the Commandant (delightfully played by Charles “Ming the Merciless” Middleton). This is the Foreign Legion, so they’re captured and ordered to be shot at dawn.
An RKO Radio Picture. Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, Jean Parker, Reginald Gardiner, Charles Middleton, Jean del Val, James Finlayson, Clem Wilenchick, Bonnie Bannon, and Monica Bannister. Producer - Boris Morros, Director - A. Edward Sutherland, Screenwriters - Ralph Spence, Charles Rogers, Alfred Schiller, and Harry Langdon, Cinematographer - Art Lloyd, A.S.C., Composers - John Leipold and Leo Shuken.

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Amazing Adventure - 1936 - (1:02:07) 

– Cary Grant plays the jaded Millionaire Ernest Bliss. He makes a bet with his doctor that he can go one year working a normal job without using any of his fortune. Actors: Cary Grant, Mary Brian, Peter Gawthorne, Henry Kendall, Leon M. Lion. Directors: Alfred Zeisler. Writers: E. Phillips Oppenheim, John L. Balderston. Producers: Alfred Zeisler, Otto Klement, Robert Garrett.