ICTN Movie of the Week


Tune in for a classic movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Kipps - 1941 - (1:22:00)

 - Michael Redgrave stars in this H.G. Wells satire of the English class system.  He plays a shopkeeper who inherits a fortune and forgets the friends around him.  Carol Reed directed this 1941 film.

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At War With the Army  - 1950 - (1:33:00)

 - This Martin & Lewis comedy gets off to a great start with Jerry singing “The Navy Gets The Gravy but the Army Gets the Beans” as he serves beans to the troops in the mess hall. Dean’s character tries to get a transfer from his desk job and sad sack Jerry's character is trying to get a pass to visit his wife who is expecting a baby. When this comedy duo is allowed to open things up, the film takes off with loads of laughs.
Starring... Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mike Kellin, Polly Bergen, Jimmie Dundee, Dick Stabile, Tommy Farrell, Danny Dayton, William Mendrek, Angela Greene, Kenneth Forbes, Ty Perry. Screenwriter and Producer ... Fred F. Finklehoffe, Director ... Hal Walker, Based on a play by James B. Allardice. Cinematographer ... Stuart Thompson, Musical Director ... Joseph Lilley, Songwriters ... Mack David and Jerry Livingston.