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Tune in for a classic movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball - 1946 - (1:07:33)

 – This Dick Tracy feature has a lot going for it, a great heavy (Dick Wessel as Cueball), the oddball character actors like the Barrymoresque Vitamin Flinthheart (Ian Keith), Percival Priceless (Douglas Walton), Filthy Flora (Esther Howard), and Rudolph (Skelton Knaggs), and a great plot, with Cueball committing a jewel heist worth $300 grand and murdering anyone who gets in his way, including his partners. After dispatching half the cast, Cueball sets his sights on Tracy (Morgan Conway), who does a credible job bringing him down.
An R.K.O. Radio Picture. Morgan Conway, Lyle Latell, Anne Jeffreys, Dick Wessel, Rita Corday, Ian Keith, Douglas Walton, Esther Howard, Skelton Knaggs, Byron Foulger. Producer ... Herman Schlom, Director ... Gordon M. Douglas, Screenwriters ... Dane Lussier and Robert Kent, Based on the cartoon strip Dick Tracy by Chester Gould. Cinematographer ... George Diskant, A.S.C., Composer ... Phil Ohman, Music Director ... Constantin Bakaleinikoff.

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The 39 Steps - 1935 - (1:22:22)

– Hitchcock – In Alfred Hitchcock’s brilliant spy thriller, Richard Hannay has a knack for ending up with beautiful women. At first he can’t believe his luck when the first one asks him if she can come up to his apartment. It turns out she is a British secret agent being hunted by international agents working for a villainous man described only as having the end of his pinky finger missing. The agents are under orders to stop her from delivering a secret code to an agent in Scotland. As Hannay awakens in the morning, she staggers into his room with a knife stuck in her back and a map of Scotland clutched in her hand. Her dying words are “the 39 steps.” Realizing he now possesses the fateful code, he boards a train to Scotland to continue the mission, and is pursued by the police for murder.
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Produced by Michael Balcon, Screenplay by Charles Bennett & Ian Hay. Based on The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan.
Starring: Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Lucie Mannheim, Godfrey Tearle, Peggy Ashcroft, John Laurie, Helen Hayes, Frank Cellier, Wylie Watson, Gus McNaughton, Jerry Verno, Peggy Simpson & Matthew Boulton.
Music by Jack Beaver (uncredited) / Louis Levy (uncredited). Cinematography, Bernard Knowles. Edited by Derek N. Twist. Production company Gaumont-British Picture Corporation. Distributed by Gaumont British Distributors. Release dates 6 June 1935 (Premiere, London), 2 August 1935 (USA). Running time 86 minutes. Country: United Kingdom. Language, English. Budget, £60,000.