Wastewater Rates

Wastewater rates for residential and commercial customers are based on a three-month average of water consumption during January, February, and March of each year. New residential accounts are charged a maximum of $35 until such an average has been established.  Customers are billed based on the following rates.

Monthly Rates

The following monthly rates are hereby established and shall be collected for sewerage services furnished by the City of Irving (updated Nov. 2017):

Residential User Charge: (1)

  • Monthly service charge - $ 6.62
  • Over 2,000 gallons, per 1,000 gallons - $3.56
  • An additional service charge will be assessed for each dwelling unit of a master metered residential service location

Commercial User Charge: (1)

  • Monthly service charge - $33.64
  • Over 10,000 gallons, per 1,000 gallons - $3.85

Industrial User Charge: (2)

  • Monthly service charge - $50.47
  • Over 15,000 gallons, per 1,000 gallons - $3.85

Sewer Charge Index

  1. Sewer charges for each year shall be computed on the basis of the average monthly metered water consumption for January, February, and March of each year as reflected in the bills received by customers for the months of February, March, and April. Reading dates for these periods being approximately Jan. 16 through April 15 varying year to year as actual water billing cycles occur. The new consumption average shall become effective as to bills mailed after April 30 of each year.
  2. Sewer user charge rates computed based on monthly metered water sale.