1. Animal Services Reports Canine Parvovirus Cases on the Rise

    Protect Your Pup from Canine Influenza

    The highly contagious respiratory disease for dogs has been reported in Texas. Contact your veterinarian, and get your pets vaccinated as soon as possible to help stop the spread of this virus. Read on...
  2. Dog enjoying the day wearing sunglasses.

    Animal Services Offers Summertime Pet Care Tips

    Spring and summer are natural times for animals to breed, meaning more litters of dogs and cats. As a result, the Irving Animal Care Campus, 4140 Valley View Lane, sees a drastic increase in the number of animals taken in, putting a strain on resources. Read on...
  3. Cool cat wearing sunglasses.

    Bring Home a Cuddly Best Friend! Free Cat Adoptions in June

    Beat the heat and adopt a cool cat! June is Adopt-a-Cat Month at the Irving Animal Care Campus, 4140 Valley View Lane. Adoption fees for cats one year and older are being waived during June, and kittens are available for a $50 adoption fee. Read on...

Money-Saving Pet Health Service
For Irving residents, keeping a pet healthy doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Through programs offered at the Irving Animal Care Campus, pet owners can save hundreds of dollars on low-cost vaccinations, wellness checks and spay/neuter services,as well as free rabies vaccinations and microchipping. For more information, visit the Events at the IACC page.

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