Lowering Your Bill

Your water and wastewater charges are linked directly to your monthly usage. If you are regularly charged anything more than the monthly service minimum, there may be some easy steps you can do to lower your water consumption, which will lower your bill.

Conservation not only is good for the environment, it can make a substantial impact on your water bill. And, since your wastewater charge is based on your water consumption, virtually any conservation you practice will affect your monthly amount due.

It is important to note that 50 to 60 percent of all annual residential water use in North Texas goes toward irrigation. Planting native landscaping keeps your yard beautiful and your water bill low. Find more conservation tips with the City of Irving’s Water Utilities.

Repairing household water leaks will lower your water bill immediately. Not only will the volume of water that passes through the meter go down, but proof of repairs presented to Customer Service may result in a leak adjustment.