Meter Audit Conducted

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The City of Irving Water Utilities Department will begin performing an audit of our existing water meters. As part of this project, all of the existing water meters will be reviewed to determine age, make and model, condition, and evaluation of the need for replacement.

The City has contracted with Mountain States Pipe and Supply (MSPS), of Colorado Springs, Colorado for this project. All audit and field installation work will be performed by this contractor or City of Irving employees. This company will provide water meter installation labor services in tandem with City staff. This project will be isolated to our billing Cycle 4 customers presently and will be performed during a six month period (barring weather issues) starting July 6, 2015.The entire project is estimated to be fully completed by January 31, 2016.

Tentative Schedule

For this project, the City has asked the contractor to work alongside our meter reading staff to assure a smooth audit during our normal reading schedules. This will help eliminate the misreading of meters for billing. 
Safety Considerations

For safety reasons, you should not allow an Installer to enter your home. The City has required background checks on all of the installers in order to help maintain your safety. All installation team members will wear a Mountain States Pipe and Supply (MSPS) ID badge (see photos below) identifying each installer as a City of Irving outside contractor. The badge will also identify the installer as a meter or ERT installer. In addition, installers have also been issued a temporary City of Irving ID which has a bright red background. Customers are urged not to let anyone into their home without a pre-scheduled appointment AND checking for the presence of the City of Irving ID badge. Should there be any doubt by a water customer about the validity of the installer’s badge or identity; the customer can call our Customer Service Department with any concerns. 
Contact Information

This project will be monitored and inspected by the City of Irving Water Utilities Department. For any additional questions or concerns please refer to our FAQ list prior to contacting us directly. Please direct any additional questions to our Customer Service Division by calling 972-721-2411.

Meter Audit Contractors