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  1. Volunteers17

    Volunteering at the Library

    This month get on the fast-track for summer volunteering opportunities. Read on...
  2. friends_2017

    The Friends of Irving Public Library Annual Book Sale

    Support local literacy efforts while building your collection of great books to enjoy, June 1 to 4. Read on...
  3. Podcasts1

    Discover Podcasts

    Dive deep into stories and stay up-to-date with these "magazines for the ears." Read on...
  4. adult_book_clubs

    Book Clubs for Adults

    Join the library's community of readers every month for great conversation and a shared love of books. Read on...
  5. weathering-thes-storm

    Weathering the Storm: Parent Edition

    Words of advice for helping children get through bad weather events. Read on...
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