Patrol Problem Solving Unit

PSU 2017
On Oct. 1, 2013, the Belt Line Northgate Initiative (“BNI”) hosted its last event, National Night Out, at Kroger on Belt Line Road. More than 3,500 citizens attended the BNI National Night Out event, which marked the closing of the police department’s eighteen month project in the area around Belt Line Road and Northgate Drive. The unit has been reassigned to southwest Irving in the area of Esters and Airport Freeway, and its name has been changed to the Patrol Problem Solving Unit. 

The new focus area was selected based on Part I crimes and calls for service data. The Patrol Problem Solving Unit seeks to duplicate its recent success in a select area that provides the opportunity to positively influence approximately 70 percent of the Part I crimes and calls for service in 31 and 32 beats. The Unit’s goals remain the same: reduce crime, reduce calls for police service, and bring a sense of community to the area. 

The Belt Line Northgate Initiative began in April 2012. Within the last year and a half the unit has seen many successes such as being nationally recognized as ‘Rookies of the Year’ for hosting the City of Irving’s largest National Night Out, receiving the Chief’s Unit Award, and providing several community outreach programs to the citizens of Irving. The BNI Unit saw over a 20 percent reduction in crime during the first year, in comparison to the year prior, which translates to 55 fewer offenses in the targeted area. 
The original Problem Solving Unit was formed seven years ago in the Community Services Division. The underlying premise of the original Problem Solving Unit was that a group of police officers dedicated to community outreach and non-traditional crime eradication strategies would augment the traditional police services already in place. The unit’s tactics proved successful and resulted in substantial crime rate reductions in several neighborhoods throughout the City of Irving, including the Walnut Hill corridor, Tudor Lane, and reporting district 2403 (Irving Heights/Irving Blvd. area).

The BNI Unit found its success by combining community outreach and non-traditional crime eradication methods with traditional patrol tactics. In an effort to balance efficiency with effectiveness, the police department decided to merge the two units into the new Patrol Problem Solving Unit.

The Patrol Problem Solving Unit consists of (pictured left to right) Officer Travis Allen, Officer David Pruitt, Officer Jody Jones, Sergeant Jason Dix, Officer Brent Kelley and Officer Adam Vanderveer. 
If you have any questions about the unit, you may contact Sergeant Dix at (972) 721-3549 or at