Neighborhood Resources

City Boards and Commissions
Residents who would like to serve their city are encouraged to apply for a volunteer position on one of the many boards, commissions, and committees. Boards and commissions advise the City Council on a variety of issues and play a significant role in maintaining interaction between residents and city government. Contact the City Secretary's Office at (972) 721-2493 for more information.

City Spectrum
The resident newsletter, City Spectrum, is mailed to every postal customer in the city on a bimonthly basis. The newsletter also includes a listing of city recreation classes.

City Website
Residents can access information by visiting the city's website. Information about all city services, meeting dates and times, and online documents and forms is available on the website.

Planning and Development
The City of Irving administers funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for rehabilitating and revitalizing neighborhoods. Federal monies received include the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Emergency Shelter Grant and HOME Investment Partnership. For more information, call (972) 721-8027.

Community Partnership Fund
The Community Partnership Fund provides seed money grants to neighborhood associations in the amount of $500 up to a maximum of $2,000. Grants can be used for physical improvement, neighborhood identity, special events, and communications projects. For additional information, call (972) 721-2533.

Community Relations
The community relations team is responsible for heightening awareness of residents and businesses about city programs and services and encouraging them to become involved in the decision-making processes of local government. To contact the Community Outreach Manager with specific questions, call (972) 721-2777. For assistance in starting a neighborhood association, call (972) 721-2533.

Irving Citizen Advisory Commissions (ICACs)
More than $2 billion in needed transportation projects have been identified in Irving. City leaders have sought input from residents about transportation needs through four Irving Citizen Advisory Commissions (ICACs). These groups study and recommend possible solutions to major transportation issues.

Irving Community Television Network (ICTN)
ICTN provides live coverage of government meetings along with news, sports and entertainment shows. The Community Calendar on ICTN can be used to post information about neighborhood meetings and events. Contact the Neighborhood Coordinator at (972) 721-7600 about posting meeting announcements.

Keep Irving Beautiful
Keep Irving Beautiful is a dedicated group of volunteers and staff committed to developing solutions to littering. The people involved in this program can help you with cleanups and help you come up with solutions to littering in your neighborhood. Keep Irving Beautiful can be reached at (972) 721-2347.

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch helps residents discourage and prevent crime. To start a Neighborhood Watch in your area, contact the Community Services Section of the Irving Police Department at (972) 721-2544.

Citizens' Police Academy
The Citizens' Police Academy is an 11-week educational program designed to provide the public with a working knowledge of the Irving Police Department and its personnel and policies. The training consists of classroom discussion, demonstration, and hands-on activities. The classes are held once a week for three hours and are open to anyone 21 and up who lives or works in Irving. For more information, call (972) 721-2544.

The city offers recycling for residents with curbside recycling for single-family homeowners and recycling drop-off centers for both single-family homeowners and multifamily dwellers. Curbside recycling is provided once a week. Recyclables are collected in blue bags that can be purchased from City Hall or any recreation center. Additional solid waste services include regular household garbage collection, household chemical collection days, and brush / bulky collection. For more information visit Solid Waste Services or call (972) 721-8059.