Internship Programs

ICTN College Internship Program
About the Program
Started in 1981, the ICTN College Internship Program has successfully trained college level students in television production. The students get extensive“hands-on experience with all aspects of producing a program. They work with ICTN staff who produce 20 regularly scheduled programs along with an average of 40 specials a year.

Interns start with simpler productions such as studio programs and remote public meetings. They are encouraged to advance into other areas like operating ENG equipment, lighting, and editing. Successful interns, in the past, have shot stories with reporters, directed remote productions, and produced short specials.

Candidates must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university with major course work in radio, television, film or communications field and be at least 18 to be hired. No previous experience is required. Candidate must have, or be able to obtain, an appropriate driver’s license.

The City of Irving is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Qualifications given in the job description represent only the minimum qualifications necessary to perform the essential functions of the job. In addition to these qualifications, the minimum age requirement for regular full-time and part-time employment is 18. Preference for interviews by the department are given to the most qualified applicants who may possess more specific education and / or experience than is given in a particular job description. Duties shown in the job description represent a summary of the essential duties and responsibilities. Other duties may be assigned. An applicant wishing to apply for a different position while still under consideration for another must complete a new application.

Applications are accepted only for positions that are currently open and may be submitted by mail or fax:
825 West Irving Blvd.
Irving, Texas 75060

Additional Application Requirements
The City of Irving requires pre-employment drug screening.
Applicants must indicate the position for which they are applying.

High School Internship Program
About the Program
The high school interns will work on ICTN productions in our studio, production area, and on location with our trucks and remote equipment. They can be involved in all aspects of producing a television show.

Their schedule will be determined by the different productions planned instead of regular set hours. Those productions could be remote truck events, shows produced in the studio, remote port-a-pack stories, or post-production editing. They will work under the supervision of the four producers, two engineers, and four director / editors on staff. They will be exposed to all areas of our work (editing / lighting / script writing). At the discretion of staff, the intern may work independently without direct supervision.

  1. Insurance refers to insurance available via the school district - Release of Liability needed by the city
  2. To receive credit - 10 hours a week (at institution / school discretion)
  3. Junior and senior students only
  4. Parental consent forms to be handled by school (copy to ICTN)
  5. Student provides his / her own transportation
  6. Evaluations and documentation of hours to be administered by ICTN
  7. Students allowed stay on during school breaks and summer
  8. Students not to work past curfew hours (10 p.m. on school nights, 11 p.m. on non-school nights) unless approved by parents