Collections Guide

The Guide to the Irving Archives' Collections is arranged alphabetically by donor. The guide pages are formatted in three columns:
  • Donor name
  • Collection description
  • Status
The donor column lists the collection donor's name; in the description column is a brief description of the items in the donation; the status column gives the donation's accession number or collection number.

Electronic finding aids are available for all processed collections. If an electronic finding aid is available for a collection, a link to the finding aid is provided in the status column of the guide. Small, folder-sized accessions are referred to as MVF Files. Electronic finding aids are available for all the MVF Files. Click on the MVF number in the status column to access the MVF File's electronic finding aid.

To perform a word search of the page press the F3 key and enter the term being searched.  The word will be highlighted throughout the page.
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