Irving Police Careers

Thank you for your interest in the Irving Police Department. Now is an exciting time to begin a career with us as we have experienced explosive growth, and we will continue to hire new officers in the coming years. This growth will allow new police officers to gain valuable seniority that is considered for shift preference, transfers within the department and promotion eligibility.

Make a Positive Difference
The Irving Police Department is looking for the best and brightest individuals who have the aptitude, responsibility and commitment to assist this community and make a positive difference. A career with the Irving Police Department offers challenges, excitement, variety, teamwork and job satisfaction, as well as opportunities for special assignments, career development and promotions.

Offering Security
Furthermore, a career with the Irving Police Department offers security. The city is financially sound and our city government is committed to maintaining police salary and benefits at competitive levels. This commitment, combined with state civil service protection and other generous benefits, such as vacation, sick time, family illness leave and many others, make a career with Irving an obvious choice. Check out our qualifications on the website to determine your eligibility. Then follow the registration instructions for the next civil service exam. We hope to see you then for the first step in your career as an Irving police officer.

Now is the perfect time to sign up and be a part of our team! Projected retirements within the next five to 10 years will open doors for you and your chosen career path.