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  1. Ambulance/EMS Bill

    Pay your ambulance/EMS bill online, 24/7.

  2. Contractor Single Trade Permit

    If you're a registered contractor applying for a single trade permit, you can obtain one online through the city eTRAKiT system.

  3. Court Fees / Traffic Citations Payment Options

    Review payment options for your court fees and traffic citations.

  4. Pay Court Fees / Traffic Citations

    Pay your traffic citation or court fees online.

  5. Library Bill

    Purchase an Irving Library eCard or make other payments to the Irving Public Library.

  6. PID Assessments

  7. Property Tax Information

    Learn more about your property taxes and how to pay them.

  8. Red Light Camera Information

    Information about paying your Red Light Camera traffic citation.

  9. Pay Red Light Camera Ticket Online

    Pay your Red Light Violation citation online.

  10. Water Utility Bill Payment Options

    Find out your options for utility bill payments.

  11. Pay Water Utility Bill

    Pay your water utility bill online.