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  1. Chief of Police

    Contact the Chief of Police with thoughts, concerns, or questions.

  2. Command Staff

    See contact information for those officers serving on the Irving Police Department Command Staff.

  3. Community Services Division

    Contact the Community Services Division with questions about crime prevention and community-related programs.

  4. Criminal Investigations Division

    Locate information that will assist you in getting in touch with the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Irving Police Department.

  5. Domestic Violence Unit

    Review the information necessary for reaching the Domestic Violence Unit.

  6. Municipal Jail

    Locate contact information for the Irving Municipal Jail.

  7. Professional Standards Unit

    Contact the Professional Standards Unit to submit a commendation or complaint about an experience with the department.

  8. Public Information Officer

    Learn how to get in touch with Irving Police Department's PIO.

  9. Records